Hello there,

My name is Sune and 21 years old, and I love to study and learn new things.

I study design and programming, but I love anything I can get my hands on. I'm currently getting diagnosed with Autism and ADD and have a rare disease that occupied my early life (and still does to some extent).

I'm a quick learner, not because of talent or anything glorious like that, but because I study so much that I know automatically what to Google to get the answers I need (at least for the most part).

Here's a fun fact: The site was built in Nuxt in two days. Now that isn't really that impressive, but what if I told you I had never used Vue or Nuxt before two days ago? And now I have a fully functional site („• ֊ •„)

I often study weird unrelated topics as well, and yeah I try not too, but I just love studying. E.g. here's some random things I studied up on (certs):

AT1x: Human Anatomy: Musculoskeletal Cases

UB1x: Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Action

If you want to talk or reach out, you can contact me at - sunevinterhoej@gmail.com

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